Monday, November 21, 2005

Day 11: “After the Sunset”

Director: Brett Ratner 2004
No, I hadn’t heard of this movie either. What I brought to watch was “Quicksand,” a 1950 film noir starring Mickey Rooney. You have to figure any film noir starring Mickey Rooney has to be worth a view. My friend had taped the movie off cable and I was anxious to see it. There was only one problem: when the tape started, instead of Mickey Rooney there were two naked people doing what naked people usually do in the acrobatic style of adult entertainment. In other words, I was securely battened down in the hyperbaric chamber with doctors, nurses and other patients walking about—and I was watching porno! Quickly, a nurse ejected the tape (my friend thought he had taped over the porn with “Quicksand” but failed). So there I was, suddenly the resident hyperbaric perv, and I had more than two hours to kill. So I picked “After the Sunset” from the hyperbaric unit’s video library.
“After the Sunset” is a caper film set in the Bahamas and starring Pierce Brosnan and Salma Hayek. If you watched it on an airplane, you’d find it pleasant enough—and you’d forget about it by the time you landed.
When I got out of the chamber, I explained that the porno wasn’t mine and that a friend had given me the tape. I don’t think anyone believed me.


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