Saturday, December 31, 2005

Day 41: "Nothing Sacred"

Director: William Wellman 1937
Classic screwball comedy with Carole Lombard playing Hazel Flagg, a young Vermont woman dying of radium poisoning, or so she initially believes. Enter Fredric March as a bigtime New York reporter (are there any other kind?) who wants to make Lombard the toast of the Big Apple, as long as his paper gets all the exclusives. There's only one problem: Lombard has been misdiagnosed and she knows it. Still, she pretends she's sick and goes to New York. Complications, of course, ensue. Written by Ben Hecht (see Day 40: "Angels Over Broadway") with cynical digs at smalltown life, big city journalism and what was to become known as the Culture of Celebrity. Lombard is wonderful. March is a good-natured foil. Shot in early Technicolor, which may explain the sometimes static camerawork. A delightful film.
Remade in 1954 as "Living It Up" with Jerry Lewis playing Homer Flagg, Dean Martin his doctor and Janet Leigh the reporter.


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