Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Wife the Award-Winning Writer

For their compelling, deeply researched book, “Normal At Any Cost,” Christine Cosgrove and Susan Cohen have just been awarded the Science in Society Journalism Award from the National Association of Science Writers. Chris and Susan will accept their award at the association’s conference in November in New Haven. This is well-deserved recognition, and while you might suspect my opinion under the circumstances, here’s the association’s announcement:
•"' In Normal at Any Cost,' Cohen and Cosgrove tell the history of medical attempts to alter height in children. In the words of their publisher, “Normal at any Cost is the first book to examine the full story of how the best and the worst of motives combined to turn a social problem into a medical one, and led to treating health children for height with government approval.” One of the judges cited the book’s “excellent and in-depth reportage, interestingly and breezily written, on an important (and to me, overlooked) medical/scientific issue. It has pretty much everything I look for: attention to the scientific process, human interest, a strong and consistent narrative.” Susan Cohen previously won the Science in Society Award in 1997 for her article “Tangled Lifeline,” which appeared in the Washington Post Magazine."


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