Saturday, April 11, 2015

Run Bernie, Run!

In expectation of Hillary Clinton's announcement tomorrow that she's leaving politics and embracing a quieter life by managing the gift shop at the Yakov Smirnoff Theatre in Branson, MO, I just cut a check for Bernie Sanders (I--VT), a quixotic gesture I confess, but one that made me happy. Should Bernie run, he will (I hope) force candidates from both parties to address issues they have been trained for decades to spin in any direction save the one leading to an honest answer, the spin creating verbal whirling dervishes spouting infantilizing bullshit that too many "news" outlets report with unquestioning reverence, the reverence depending on what side these outlets represent. What we don't need is one more political coronation courtesy of our true rulers, the Wall Street and corporate plutocrats who really decide who gets to play king or queen. Am now stepping off my creaky soapbox to prepare my taxes because it's never too late and I'm a good American even if I've been reading The Nation since college.


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