Monday, November 22, 2010

This Blog's Fifth Anniversary! Where Did Those Fun Years Go?

Well, I managed to miss the exact date, probably because I didn't really know it. Some day last week marked the fifth anniversary of this site. I appreciate the people who occasionally take a peek--not a large audience, but a select one, I like to believe.

I'm sorry I haven't posted much new, but the damn midterm elections have turned me into a poster boy for melancholy, one who speaks to strangers in the checkout line and makes grave announcements regarding the future of the American/global economies (dire), the future political life of Barack Obama (double dire), and the possibility that in less than two years we will have an incoming president by the name of Sarah Palin (a thought that provokes images of suicide--or moving to a village somewhere in France with no cable TV or Internet access).
I grimly look into the future, stooped over my crystal ball with the demeanor of Death playing chess in "The Seventh Seal." It ain't a pretty picture. The only humor I can wring out of any of this is by watching AMC's terrific riff on zombies, "The Walking Dead," and pretending that the zombies are all Tea Party members, mind-dead and ravenous for the flesh of the elite living. What can I say? The idea brightens my day.
Here's to another five years--or a tiny farmhouse somewhere in Poitou-Charentes.


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